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    1100 aluminum checkered plate


     1100 aluminum checkered plate description

    1100 aluminium  checkered plate is also called the 1100 aluminum tread plate/sheet and 1100 aluminum chequered plate/sheet.

    Alloy:1100 aluminium alloy

    Temper: H14,H16,H18,H24,H26,O



    Length: up to 11000mm

    Mother coils: DC or CC

    Surface: five bar checkered plate(5 bars tread plate)

    Hight of bar is from 0.08mm to 1.2mm.

    Length of bar is from 32mm to 50mm

    Application:widely used in cold storage floors,autos,workshop floors,car bady,building floors and steps,antiskid floor of bus,elevator,treadboard,stair tread,vehicle step,diamond plate tool boxes,footplateof firetrucks and so on.

    Description of 1100 aluminum alloy 

    1100 aluminum alloy for industrial pure aluminum, aluminum content (quality score) is 99.00% .1100 aluminum alloy is Non - heat treatment reinforcement. High corrosion resistance,
    Electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, its density is small, plastic good, can produce various kinds of aluminum through pressure processing, but the intensity is low. Other processes Basic performance as same as 1050 A aluminum alloy. 
    1100 aluminum alloy is generally used for good forming process, high corrosion resistance, but not need High strength. Such as aluminum veneer, aluminum curtain wall board, various spray aluminum sheet, single hyperbolic aluminum plate, chemical transportation and storage equipment, plate Metalworking products, hardware fittings, welding combination key, reflector, nameplate, transportation facilities signs, etc

     1100 aluminum checkered plate chemical composition

     The aluminum content is min 99.00%,the  content of silicon and iron is max 0.95%,the content of coppe is min 0.05%,max 0.2%,the content of manganese is max 0.05%,,the content of zinc is max 0.1%,other content is max 0.15%.

    Stock inventory of 1100 aluminium checkered plate-Changyuan Aluminum

    1.25mm* 1000mm*2000mm    1.5mm* 1000mm*2000mm   2.0mm* 1000mm*2000mm  2.5mm* 1000mm*2000mm    3.0mm* 1000mm*2000mm

    1.25mm* 1219mm*2438mm    1.5mm* 1219mm*2438mm   2.0mm* 1219mm*2438mm   2.5mm* 1219mm*2438mm    3.0mm* 1219mm*2438mm

    1.25mm* 1250mm*2500mm    1.5mm* 1250mm*2500mm    2.0mm* 1250mm*2500mm   2.5mm* 1250mm*2500mm    3.0mm* 1250mm*2500mm 

    1.25mm* 1500mm*3000mm    1.5mm* 1500mm*3000mm    2.0mm*1500mm*3000mm   2.5mm* 1500mm*3000mm     3.0mm* 1500mm*3000mm


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